Lorraine Parow

Narrative I | January 14 – February 29 2016 | Opening January 28 6pm-9pm


Parow,Adagio (1)




Following her graduation in Photographic Arts and later in Advanced Digital Photography; Parow has participated in numerous solo and group shows in both the United States and Canada and currently resides in Toronto.

Parow’s artwork is analogue capture photo based imagery, presented in a series of collections. They are romantic and ethereal monochromatic images that transcend time while being photographed in contemporary landscapes.

The Ethereal Orchards Collection is a modern interpretation of several historic black and white processes: crystoleum, gum bichromate, and hand colouring combined with long exposures and camera movement. The final images are truly timeless photographic images.

This collection has been influenced by her recovery from a previously undiagnosed visual impairment and represents her modern interpretation of the first colour on black and white photographic images from the turn of the century.

The ‘Historic Process Collections’ represent her modern interpretation of historical black and white photographic processes and methodology.



Ethereal Orchard Collection

I focus on creating an ethereal world, a world of ‘Yesteryear’ photographed in the contemporary landscape.

I want to evoke dreamlike, magical images of quiet, of romantic moments frozen in time, as though they are photographed in the Victorian Era of cobblestones and carriages.

These images are photographed with a purest approach using only an ‘old school’ film camera as an ODE TO finding these sounds of yesteryear in today’s hectic techno world.

They are my enchanted dancing trees.