Brendan Meadows

Narrative I | January 14 – February 29 2016 | Opening January 28 6pm-9pm

Brendan Meadows


Brendan Meadows is a Vancouver-based photographer whose subject matter is people, whether they come from the glamorous worlds of music and television or the gritty reaches of poverty and war.
Brendan snapped his very first photograph of Princess Diana during Expo ’86. She was 23; he was 10. From there the fascination with the human persona began.
Over the years, he has founded three hugely successful and influential art projects: Drawn to Develop , Front Lines and The Covet Exhibition.


Brendan Meadows has resurrected a rare series of rugged images from a century ago, mainly depicting candid scenes of Canadian military life during the years of the First World War. The prints were created from negatives in obscure formats that haven’t been used in decades and have passed through many hands over the years.

A previous owner even tried to donate the source materials to Canada’s National Archives, which passed on them because of the difficulty in pinpointing details about their origin and the challenge of developing prints from negatives in outdated formats.

These photographs may well have been lost to history, but thanks to advanced image processing technology, a limited edition run of this fascinating collection of black-and-white scenes has been reproduced in silver gelatin prints.