Summer/Fall Alt Workshops

Bob's Workshop 2016-0247


July 1-3


September 3-5


There is an ongoing resurgence of historic printmaking processes: The need of artist to once again handle the workflow in a very simplistic way is what we a discussing. We are able to mix valued process of the past and combining them with new state of the art Photoshop and digital neg making methods.

We also break down the myths of complexity and complications of working in some of these old processes. By making negatives to contact on paper we can work with various platforms. Palladium and various coloured pigments in gum.

1840 Danforth Avenue hosts these workshops and shuts down the facility to accommodate all the participants. This is a workshop where you can hunker down, learn how to scan and simple PhotoShop conversions to make printing negatives for various creative purposes.

Bob Carnie and two assistants will guide participants through demos and hands on learning.


Workshop Fee

$1,200 + $300 material fee +tax (13% in Ontario)

Contact Carissa to sign up!

December 2015 Workshop Video

Fall 2015 Workshop- Connecticut