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Are you a photographer interested in learning how to make prints?
Join us for alternative printmaking workshops here at 1840 Danforth. This easy, beginner workshop teaches you the ins and outs of platinum palladium and multiple colour gum over. These historical printmaking processes can be done at your home or studio.

Watch the video from our most recent workshop that outlines the process



July 1-3

September 3-5


$1,200 + $300 materials + Ontario tax (13%)


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Platinum Palladium

This is a contact printing process that requires a negative the size of the final print. A high quality cotton watercolour paper is coated with platinum palladium and ferric oxalate emulsion. The negative in contact with the coated paper is exposed to UV light, then the print is developed, rinsed, cleared washed then dried.


Multiple-colour gum over

This is also a contact printing process that requires full sized negatives for each layer. Using current technology, Photoshop is used to separate the image into five layers from which digital negatives can be printed. One is used as a positive for future negative registration, another to produce a black and white palladium image on the arches platine. The other three layers are yellow, magenta and cyan which are the subtractive colours that when combined on top of the platinum palladium create a full tone rendition of the original image.


Day 1

Intro to platinum palladium (pt. pd.) process

Simple pt. pd. print from negatives

Day 2

Intro to gum colour

Multiple colour over pt. pd.

Day 3

Advanced negative making for multiple prints

Work period



Ability to make:

platinum palladium prints

multiple gum over prints

separate negatives

Knowledge of complete process


Platinum palladium chemistry

Gum and pigments

Water colour paper

Pictorico negative

Aluminum for mounting

Gloves for protection