Service Spotlight:Archiving Old Family Photos

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David Hunsburger

What are the benefits of scanning old family photographs? 

My family’s archives are all stored in a shoebox; I would imagine most people are like us. The small prints and negatives are in some cased over 100 years old.

The prints exhibit dings, creases, smudges basic wear and tear, and the negatives for some odd reason are loose and not in sleeves.

By doing low res scans we can show groups of family’s that are separated by distance the images that are available. Once the treasures are confirmed then we can high resolution scan for future use.

If we make silver film these 100 year originals will have a new duplicate that is exactly like the original and will last another 150 years before any effect of fading can occur.


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David Hunsburger

What can people do with the images once they are scanned 

Once scanned the decision should be made, do I want to see this print on my wall or do I have someone to pass this image onto that will cherish it.

If the former then an inkjet print would be fine as its cost is dramatically less than a permanent print.

If the image is of huge importance as a family history piece then we can make silver gelatin prints that have 200 plus year stability or even go to Platinum Palladium, which in effect last for as long as the paper it is printed on.