Service Spotlight: Press & Go

Canvas for printing.jpg

Press & Go Canvas

How does the press and go service work? 

Press and Go is exactly what is sounds like: we load up the paper of choice, send your file to the printer and hit the print button.

It is important for the client to be able to set up a canvas, which is easily learned. Once this minimal paper usage canvas is set up you can send it to us many ways, Hightail or direct stick. Make sure to create a canvas size that fits your paper choice: most of our papers are 44″ wide, a few are 42″. Length of the canvas depends on your needs.

For paper selection we are offering Matt, Rag, Glossy and Semi Matt for Press and Go, these selections pretty much cover huge territory, but if you have specific paper need then obviously there will be some back and forth communication with us to set something up.

What are the benefits of printing in bulk?

There are several benefits to printing in bulk.

  1. Huge  cost savings over singular print
  2. The ability to control your content and test files by working them yourself
  3. Consistency is paramount and with these ink systems this is guaranteed
  4. Not having to buy a printer, keeping fresh paper and ink is only for those who run through huge volumes; otherwise the costs can be outrageous
  5. Bulk printing allows you to make super large contact sheets so you can track a project or even see a complete project at an economical price



How do I prepare my images for a portfolio review 

For a portfolio you want first of all consistency, in print quality as well as presentation. We encourage you to consider three sizes, which are very standard North American sizes in inches. 20 x 24, 16 x20, and 11 x14. All of these sizes are common to frames, sleeving and portfolio boxes.

These sizes are easy to ship, walk into a meeting and as well portfolio presentation. This shows you care about your work.

We use archival matting materials and once protected if you decide to have a show we also have rental frames that these matted prints easily pop into.

This is a very important aspect as you build for a gallery show, as having a room full of expensive frames with images is useless and costly.









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