Tribute to Sabattier | Q&A pt.1

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Bob Carnie’s exhibition, Tribute to Sabattier is an ongoing printing project years in the making.

This show is on from August 4th to September 16 with an opening reception on August 20th

Who or what is Sabattier

Sabattier was a French photographer who in 1862 accidentally turned on the light while developing and got some strange and unpredictable effects. This effect can be tamed with bursts of controlled timed light to a piece of film or photographic paper during development.


What aspects do you like about Sabattier?

Well the immediate reversal of tonality’s can be curious, as well one can within an image keep real tone, and reversed tone that completely fools ones perception together within the same image.

Also by working literally on an edge of real and unreal an amazing negative space can be created that then can dominate the scene, if the viewer is willing to see the hidden objects or things.

Is there a difference between film Sabattier and paper Sabattier?

Yes indeed. A film solarization will on final print create a black Mackie line around an element of contrast change, and in a paper solarization we will see a white Mackie line.


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photo cred/ Kevin Kelly


Bob Carnie is a Toronto-based photographer/printer  with an international reputation for printing traditional and digital for acclaimed photographers, galleries and museums. Being most in his element while working in the darkroom, Carnie maintains a hands-on approach that fuels his passion for photography.

Bob is also the owner of The Dylan Ellis Gallery which is an extension of his photographic experience. This gallery allows photographers to showcase their work.