Intersection: Quebec and Ontario

Intersection Postcard.jpg

Intersection brings together two photographers from Quebec and two from Ontario. This show is the culmination of our relationship with galleries and artists in Quebec. It is one of many shows to come that involve bringing artists from other cities, expanding our network as well as that of those involved.

Join us on September 23rd from 6pm-9pm for the opening reception. Here, you will be able to meet the artists, welcoming those that came from out of town, and supporting all four as they show their work to the city of Toronto.

On September 24th, we will be continuing from the night before and allowing the public to  meet the artists. The day will include artist talks and demos

11am-Philip Jessup discusses his documentation of the Marshall Islands
1pmClaude Dagenais will be touching briefly on his work with infrared
2pmGinette Clement is giving a demo on Lumen printing
Check out more about each artist by clicking on their image below
Bettes Ö carde #65, 2014 smaller
Ginette Clément
Raul Rincon
Claude Dagenais
Approaching Storm 2, Kebjeltak Marketing (1)
Philip Jessup

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