Emergence Spotlights Round 1

December 1-31

Opening Reception December 9 from 6pm-9pm

Emergence is a group show that showcases photographers that are either new to the Dylan Ellis Gallery, or have new work. The artists will be competing for a spot in a four person two week gallery show at L’Espace Contemporain in April 2017. A best in show prize provided by Henrys will be chosen by the public.



Misha Masek

Where do you want your work to go next?

I would be thrilled to follow in the footsteps of Steve Mc Curry, one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography, by having an exhibition at la Galerie Got Montréal. For my next series, I would like to shoot the sacred Kumbh Mela. This is quite simply one of the greatest human gatherings in the world with over 100 million people expected to attend the pilgrimage to Allahabad. The Hindu Kumbh Mela, commemorates the victory of gods over demons in a mass bathing ritual. Millions of devotees plunge into the Ganges to wash away their sins and bring salvation.

Misha is an avid traveller, adventurous risk-taker, naturalistic observer, wildlife enthusiast and passionate artist. She has been active with International conservation initiatives such as Save Wild Tigers and is an Internationally recognized award-winning photographer with numerous sold out exhibitions in Canada, Europe and Asia. She is currently working on a 3 part series titled, “A Displaced Pendulum & Cultural Views on Equilibrium.” Part one of this series explores Nature, Conservation and Sustainability, which has taken her on a two year photo expedition throughout SE Asia.

Misha’s latest metal art titled “Kumbha”, was sold as a Wild Card in the Live Auction at the Savoy Hotel Gala Dinner in England. She was auctioned alongside art legends that can be found in the private collections of Rihanna, Elton John, Kelly Osbourne, Alexander McQueen and the Amy Winehouse foundation. Misha’s limited edition fine art metal print received a winning bid by Tunku (Princess) Myra at the Majestic Hotel in Malaysia and proceeds from her Search of Sublime series exhibition at the JW Marriot in Kuala Lumpur, were donated to Special Children Society of Ampang and Good Shepherd.

 Websiteforest1014-positive Daniel He

Who or what inspires you?

I was deeply inspired by Sally Mann, who was a wet plate master. Her work Deep South, was my module for quite long time. 

Daniel He is a freelance photographer living in Toronto. He studied architecture in Tongji University, Shanghai, with a major in civil engineering. Documentary photography has always been his love. In 2005, Daniel was tutored by Patrick Zackman’s, a member of Magnum in Shanghai. He did night club shooting in Shanghai for a while. In the following years, Daniel created several series of works such as Sichuan Earthquake, Shanghai No.3 Steel Farm, Silk road, and etc. He has held several solo exhibitions in 2008 Shenyang International Documentary Photography Festival, 2008, 2009 and 2010 PinYao international Photography Festival. Currently Daniel is studying photography and film technology in Ryerson University and OCAD. He attended 2015 Contact Festival Group Show, “The Prism”, in Markham Museum, and 2016 Contact Festival G44 Group Show, “Ellipsis”




John Lawson

How do you see your work emerging?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines emergence as “the act of becoming known or coming into view : the act of emerging”.  I suppose I see my work as emerging in the sense that as I have grown as a photographer I have begun to wonder what it is I want to say with my work?  With a background in film and television production and having spent a brief period as a screenwriter I am still fascinated by storytelling and film.  I have become intrigued with the idea of fiction and how a viewer’s reaction to a photograph is guided not only by the subject of a photograph but also by the technique used and the words we use to describe and name a piece.  This exploration of fiction has emerged as I have been shooting my series “Evidence.”  As I continue to photograph, the story I have chosen to tell becomes clearer to me and, hopefully, the resulting images will become stronger.  This is how I see my work emerging.

I was born in 1964 in Canada. I studied Film Production and Screenwriting at York University and worked in the Canadian Film and Television Industry for twenty years as a First Assistant Director. During my time as an Assistant Director in the film industry I also began a side career as a screenwriter. My screenwriting took me to Hollywood, allowed me to make some money and taught me that screenwriting was not something I wanted to do with my life. Six years ago my family allowed me the opportunity to explore my photography full time.