Emergence Spotlights Round 5

December 1-31

Opening Reception December 9 from 6pm-9pm

Emergence is a group show that showcases photographers that are either new to the Dylan Ellis Gallery, or have new work. The artists will be competing for a spot in a four person two week gallery show at L’Espace Contemporain in April 2017. A best in show prize provided by Henrys will be chosen by the public.

Juli Lyons

Construction site #2.jpg

Although I’ve begun to explore working with film, I’m, primarily, a digital photographer, based in Toronto, interested in narrative landscape photography. I’m exploring how we see and feel when passing through both the familiar and unfamiliar landscapes of our lives. Over the past three years, I have participated in 5 exhibitions in Toronto, including a solo-show for Contact, 2014, and four group shows, including, in 2015: ‘Roads’ at ARTA Gallery for the Contact Festival; and, ‘Land’, at the Dylan Ellis Gallery. In 2014: ‘*Some restrictions may apply’, Propeller’s annual curated exhibition, curated by Chai Duncan; ‘Renew/Rebirth’, at iMAGEMAKERS Gallery in Port Credit, and ‘Photopia 2014’ at Gallery44. In addition, in 2013, I participated in both curated and non-curated fund raisers, including ‘Off the Wall’, at Gallery 44, and ‘Mistletoe Magic’, at the John B. Aird Gallery. Before photography, I was a radio producer at CBC for many years – which is practicing the art of engaging the mind’s eye. Later, I received an MBA, which is the art of (in part) keeping all eyes on the bottom line.


Skip Dean

Black rubber Glove Bumpies-nowhite- Ekta chromeborder copy.jpg

Who or what inspires you

Design inspires me ’Every time, I look through my camera I see a world so amazing.Full of shapes, lines and colors…. designing those images in that little frame just makes me feel so one with everything around me. How I felt in my first year at photography school (Sheridan College) I still have those same feeling today….I am a lucky guy.

I have been a Advertising /Editorial photographer for 30 years, working shooting for ad agencies and design groups where I worked on magazine and billboard advertising with clients, primarily in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Though I am still available for commercial work today, I am now working primarily on personal projects. For the past 6 years, I have taught digital photography at the Ontario College of Art and Design to first year student.  As of this September I am also teaching 2nd year Advertising students Digital photography.

Howard Borenstein

cafe de monde.jpg

Marc Betsworth


Where do you want your work to go next

I definitely see myself learning more about various alternative printing processes under Bob Carnie’s direction; particularly as photography becomes increasingly democratized. There is an undeniable timeless quality and an almost mythical dimension that is present in the alternative print. It’s something that simply can’t be replicated through digital post processing. I’m also keen to explore hybrid approaches to alternative printing such as gum over platinum palladium and incorporating alternative printing into other digital post production workflows to achieve certain aesthetic goals I have in mind. 
Equally important to me these days however, is what takes place in the frame itself. I’m interested in conveying more narrative in my images and to that end, I’m working on a series of tableaux-style photos that I plan to shoot in the Summer of 2017. It’s a bit like shooting motion picture but there’s a freedom to telling a story in a series of moments as opposed to being confined to the conventions of the long form narrative. I’m excited to see where that could lead. 

Marc Betsworth is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker from Toronto, Canada. His grandfather put an SLR in his hands at the age of about 10 and he’s been hooked ever since. In 1998, Marc’s “Irish Mist” photograph was honoured with the Grand Prize Award in the Toronto Star Photo Contest beating out over fifteen thousand competing submissions. His photo “Jordanian Rider” was Shortlisted in the 2014 Toronto Star Photography Awards.

Marc’s interest in photography parlayed into motion picture which led to his work as a director, writer and producer of award-winning short films, features and television productions. His directing and writing work has garnered numerous awards at various international festivals including the University of Toronto 2005 Film Festival, York University’s 2005 CineSiege Film Festival, the 2006 Houston WorldFest and the 2006 Damah Film Festival.

Although he continues to work in the motion picture and multimedia industry in an administrative capacity, creatively, it is the still image that continues to inspire him most.


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