What is Connections?


We are undergoing a lot of changes here at 1840 Danforth! We have a new brand name, Alternative Photo Services, which encompasses the gallery, print shop and pop up shows. Within this new brand is Connections.

Carissa and Bob are very excited about this new venture, and hope you are too! Here they give a bit of history surrounding Connections, and what to expect!



How did Connections come to be? 

 Connections is Carissa’s name, but the concept is a very long time coming for me.

When I started my company in 1991 I only did film and contacts.  My loyal customers have kept asking me to do more, like print portfolios, print exhibits, frame and mount, this led to the Elevator Gallery at 9 Davies in 1998. This experience showed me the difficulties of running a gallery but as well the need for a place for photographers to exhibit.

Now we see the need for our artists to exhibit and be known in other markets, which enhances their visibility and builds solid CV’s and reputation as a reliable working photographer who exhibits work.

The move to the Danforth, and building the gallery (which is above our printing and framing facility) was the first step.

The addition of Carissa and her marketing abilities allowed us to first work with groups in Montreal, now Washington, New Orleans and five other locations swirling around in her brain.

Why is Connections important

Connections is important because without showing work in the appropriate setting, all an artist does is gather printed inventory which may or may not be seen. Our efforts are aimed at providing group opportunities that can, and will, morph into solo shows for artists familiar with us. Even more important, by bringing Connection projects back to Toronto we get to see what our contemporaries are doing in other Provinces or States.

Where do you see Connections going?

Connections as a way for us to connect all the dot’s for photographers so they can ease into a more complex world of displaying photography. It is a way to see what others are doing with their work and allows artists to take advantage of some of the opportunities available in other cities.

I see Connections somehow partnering along side established Art Fairs world wide and in some cases bringing the very best of photography to these world wide venues and collectors.


What is happening at 1840 Danforth?

We have rearranged the space a bit, which happened naturally due to the separating doors. The entry way is now my office, a meeting space and it still the Dylan Ellis Gallery.

The main gallery space is being renamed the Connections Gallery. This is where all solo and group shows will be exhibited.

We decided to separate the two spaces as we move in a new direction.

The Dylan Ellis Gallery will be a place where new and experienced collectors can come to acquire unique photographic prints. All work that is for sale will be either silver gelatin, platinum palladium, gum over, lith, lumens or other alternative prints. The work of Bob Carnie, Laura Paterson and David L. Hunsberger will be represented in this small gallery, their portfolios will be on site.

What does this mean for any of the shows that are happening at 1840 Danforth this year?

Our last show to officially be under the Dylan Ellis Gallery will be our second CONTACT show, and first Connections Project, Alternative Photo Revolution.

Any exhibition that takes places after that will be in the Connections Gallery.

What’s the difference between Connections Projects and the Connection Gallery?

Anything we do on the road with our pop up shows, is under Connections Projects. We haven’t announced it yet, but a mini photo conference is in the works for the fall, this will be a Connections Project. The gallery is under the Connections name because by its very nature, it too is connecting artists with possibly buyers and collectors as well as other gallery’s.