Service Spotlight: Press & Go

Canvas for printing.jpg

Press & Go Canvas

How does the press and go service work? 

Press and Go is exactly what is sounds like: we load up the paper of choice, send your file to the printer and hit the print button.

It is important for the client to be able to set up a canvas, which is easily learned. Once this minimal paper usage canvas is set up you can send it to us many ways, Hightail or direct stick. Make sure to create a canvas size that fits your paper choice: most of our papers are 44″ wide, a few are 42″. Length of the canvas depends on your needs.

For paper selection we are offering Matt, Rag, Glossy and Semi Matt for Press and Go, these selections pretty much cover huge territory, but if you have specific paper need then obviously there will be some back and forth communication with us to set something up.

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Service Spotlight: Lambda



What does the Lambda do and why is this service so exciting for photographers? 

We just set back up our Durst Lambda to operational status, but at the same time threw out the wet colour RA4 process. For us the gamut and options for inkjet printing far out step dye coupler prints. We use the lambda to produce direct silver gelatin prints from any source digital or film. In fact little known fact is that my company was the first company world wide to produce digital silver gelatin prints in 2002 four years before the big 5 labs in the world started offering the service.

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Service Spotlight: Contemporary Printing

bob image 2.jpg

What does the contemporary photo world look like right now? 

Inkjet technology is king right now, we see this process everywhere and at our lab we use the Canon line of printers with unprecedented 12 ink pigment sets, that actually have a colour palette beyond a typical RA4 print we would see with our lambda, or others chromira printing devices.

We are seeing people push the envelope with capture devices (Iphone) and these mirrorless digital capture devices that amaze me each time I open up a file to make a print.

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Service Spotlight:Archiving Old Family Photos

DH twoladystalking.jpg

David Hunsburger

What are the benefits of scanning old family photographs? 

My family’s archives are all stored in a shoebox; I would imagine most people are like us. The small prints and negatives are in some cased over 100 years old.

The prints exhibit dings, creases, smudges basic wear and tear, and the negatives for some odd reason are loose and not in sleeves.

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